Wednesday, 31 December 2008

melon crew xmas gifts part duex

morgans got his choice chocolates, which he and many females enjoy during office breaks,bournville and galaxy ripple

little ben almost didnt get his hornby train set, when his mum almost caught him naked, pillow fighting an old school mate in the family potting shed

dan cox was more than happy to open a box containing a lute from the 11th century,now his poems and songs can be assisted by the fine tune of the lute

joe cox was getting tired of his scruffy looking spanish leather re-cliner desk chair from all the fag ash burns and burger greese stains. his xmas wish was granted with some top notch leather cleaner.

utter meathead...

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

as we fall into the new year...

please take a moment to embrace all the great footage cloudmaster 3000 has produced in 2008.

Monday, 29 December 2008

top melon xmas gifts

some of the melon crews top xmas gifts

roberts was more than happy with this little number not sure if its a wallet or a generic carry case but whatever its got flames and he wont look out of place in corp big room anymore

beats received a nice signed fedor armbar, using the remaing xmas money to get some miko style roids that are disguised as some form of back pain relief powder

mainy got some schm's, perfect for finger banging, doing pondsy stock or taking hot stuff out of the oven

wozzy got some orks to add to his ever expanding warhammer collection (newrick is pretty jealous or so i heard)

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

allys not to go down part 2

watch out on lone walks back home past the well established butchers known as roneys just off eccersal road, a lad from out of town got seduced and dragged down the dark allyway.

shots and pondsy

melon crew circa 1942

alleys not to go down

Just a little post to remind you of two alleys you should try to avoid finding yourself down in the run up towards christmas. The first is the alley behind niche. Safe enough to have a drunken piss down in the summer months, s3 badmans and eccy road massive tend to hold there postcode wars there this time of year. The second is that sketchy alley in the middle of hollyoaks village that still doesnt have any cctv. Baby Girl Sasha liked to smack up there and the drug dealer and nial have been seen there recently. Now that Newtos is off his meds Eli's been seen lighting fires and spraying 'Eli's gonna get you' in red paint all over the joint. Keep your eyes peeled peeps.

Monday, 22 December 2008


it was a nice day to fly the flag outside the barracks today (footage below), we had a good time kicking back watching superbowl 12, eating hamburgers and watching some iraq war footy

good luck to the troops out there

Sunday, 21 December 2008

blyth kicking off

arthur tubb bio

name: Arthur Tubb
Hometown: Buxton, England
Birthday: 01/20/1977
Stance: Goofy
sponsor: heroin skate boards
job: work in my dads violin workshop
fav food: two steps mini fish and chips and egg custard tart
fav drink: mr blobby pink lemonade
fav spot: pondsy rail

a forgotton favourite of mainys past

Secret Chocolate Bar : The Secret Chocolate bar was made by Nestle in the 80's and 90's and was one of the most delicious treats ever. It had a sort of bird's nest chocolate outer with a creamy mousse center similar to the inside of a Walnut Whip. They came in a white protective card sleeve and apparently had a gold wrapper with the word Secret written on it in purple.The television advert featured an elegant lady sat on a train eating her Secret bar 'in secret' with the accompanying music "I see her face everywhere I go... Have you seen her?..."Unfortunately the Secret Chocolate Bar was withdrawn from sale due to the high production costs and low volume of sales. it was my favourite chocolate bar of my youth.

top 5 bmx vids for 2009

beats- rail hop. see it in full colour on melon three 1 melon three
2 nang 2
3 charlie dont surf 2
4 anthem 2
5 mike mills how to whop2

merry xmas pondsy

mainy oppo pegs merry xmas pondsy from all the local riders, arthur tubb and your favourite cambridge maze maze employee master mills
may 2009 bring another successful year for you.

theo simpson sighting in sheffield

on the 22nd of december 2008 around 14.30 Theo Simpson was seen walking to wicks.
he claimed he was getting some wood to build a desk,but really we think he was getting some wood to build a flyout kicker ramp.

Friday, 19 December 2008

rich mans chocolate selection

hazelnut nougat you prick

"a bag of minstrels? put them back now" - sound advice dan cox spar queue 05

£12? Bal wasnt scared - mashed these into carpets good

wozzys top 3 woodys buttys

1. ham salad on large cob
2. ham salad on small cob
3. ham salad on a baguette

Thursday, 18 December 2008

25 and never been kissed

these two are going through a dry patch on attracting females at the moment,if anyone has any spare misletoe handy give some to these two unlucky lads, it could be there only hope for at least one kiss before 2008 ends

joe cox's top 5 movies of all time

these five films will be getting some play time over the festive season on joe's VHS,
there's going to be pleanty of 'me time' in the bedroom, so dont expect to see much of him or even think the popcorn will be getting dished out..

millsy left his a melon to close to his cupboard door

Mark Goodyear's Top 5 Gurns of 08

5. little ben megabus toilet gurn (millsies triumphant yorkshire puddings)
4. turn around bright eyes

3. tommy c aint sleeping in his bed tonight!

2. big ben no holds barred jaw slouch (mountain bike candie bar out cocky)

1. chong master general chillin with fucking satan himself

new prods for S/S 09

the unwin signature series
mike unwin signature melon jeans and toy
johnny unwin signature strawberry jeans and toy

available only at big ben's coffee shop, john lewis


Tuesday, 16 December 2008

nearly christmas

ant n dec have just put their tree up

Sunday, 14 December 2008

2001 solo dev shesh

T-1's paul b style tail whip out cockmaster
'south yorkshire style' invert (ricky feather learnt these a few years after down the plant pots)

its 2001 wozz is riding dev,while fuzz club lewis is at home with a packet of jammy dodges his favourite parker pen, revising for his SAT's, doing his geography homework on the water cycle and setting the video to record BBC's bitesize programmes.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

were all students, here for a good time

evening squire

update on filming for melon 3 - potsy has been clocking some hammers over the last few days and looks to be getting last section on melon 3 instead of standard andy whos apparently gutted, potsy was last seen in corp with joe cox moshing to fear factory celebrating the good news.

n1 pots

Thursday, 11 December 2008

dream top 5 to share a double bed with

1 linford
2 gok wan

3 blade/wesley snipes

4 buzz light year

5 andrex puppy

'concept-comfort bmx'

its been under wraps for a few month's now since tommy c had that glimmer of sheer briliance on that lazy sunny june afternoon down pondsy,but that idea of a bmx company based on parts being designed for pure comfort has become a reality.
fresh out the box this week from oversea's the first product is here:
the ketchup cotpit saddle built for the purpose of extreame comfort using coiled springs and padded with the finest goose feathers,the seat still stands strong though for those bails being made from the toughest fetish gear leather and hi-ten steel.
not sure what to ask santa for xmas?
no probs add one of these to the wish list...your backside will be thankfull,as well as those piles!

TOP 5 D3 stomps

osiris d3's weren't only good for being massive they were also good for stomping
here's my top five stomps
1. 2 big macs

joes dinner ruined
2. melon

millsies breakfast ruined
3. eggs

big spliff
4. kiev

little bens tea ruined
5. cake

probably the greatest shoe of all time

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

melon trip to ape.

A couple months back the melon crew decided to take a final trip to ape before it got knocked down. we aranged to meet up with senario chris and big john mosh and have a little jam type video sesh in order to clock some footy for the first melon vid. me(tom roberts), mainy, danny c and beats all climbed into tommy c's car with a bike rack made out of big mac boxes found below joe cox's bedroom window fused together with the burning embers of tab ends found in the same spot. we set off with wozzy and tom blyth skitchin by the rear bumper but we lost them somewhere on the m1. dan stole joe's camera with the intention of getting the bmx action cover shot by doing an ali shitton and jumping into the cafe but he landed in tommy c's chip butty and c got so pissed that he smacked coxie in the face and smashed the camera out of my hand. below are the only surviving pictures that i managed to take before the camera got fucked. anyway the session was gnarl and i think fun was had by all except coxie who lost the cover and c who lost his lunch. he made up for it by having 3 hotdogs on the way home and claiming he could have another. live life and love bikes baby girl!!!!!!!!!!
beats getting stylish and showing off his new flamer tat.....
mainy getting his whip on (dont fuck that v brake)......
dan cox race jumping over the volacano on his way to c's chip butty.....

roberts going huge over the box.