Saturday, 31 January 2009

like a highly sprung coil

tommy c and wozzy trying all the positions cos it's 09 and you gotta try this shit

sweet dreams

forgot your sleeping bag?not quite enough room in the single bed,kicked out that girls room in the uni halls? no problem get the fire blanket out,ive spent many a night in one.

new pill on the black market

getting bord of the common E's on the club scene,well theres a new pill that will add a whole new level to your night out the hypnotister,not only will it allow you to feel good it allows you to hypnotise anyone you talk to and enable you to talk in riddles.they can be identified with a question mark etched into the pill.

macdonalds joe cox macba meal

joe cox is a huge fan of the macba and mcdonalds, and as a reward for being a loyal fan maccy d's have teamed up with the macba owners in barcalona, in a go ahead deal for producing a signiture meal for joe cox,it includes a quarter pounder without gurkins,lettice or seeds on the bun,small fries with extra salt, chicken nuggets and ketchup dip plus regular coke.

perfect sunday

how about this for a perfect sunday afternoon.titanic on telly,and an awsome room of guest's,including a few HHH house tennents,fadz ,lee williams and his bird the main sofa seeing pleanty of sitting action a few tears shed here and there.
a romantic film for a romantic crowd?

Friday, 30 January 2009

tom roberts 95

now serving a life sentence for a failed military coupe over the bully crew.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

lazy mans how to

with subway roneys and woodys kicking off recently people have forgotten the art of the lazy mans although those sandwich shops will claim fast food they involve talking to a person, a transaction of money and a waiting period nothing lazy about that, anyways heres a quick guide on the ins and outs of the lazy mans

first off you wanna wake up around 1 in the afternoon anything earlier and you aint lazy enough tbh and you wont enjoy it better off making yourself summit nice like a pasta based snack millsy style

get a stock sandwich, nothing to fancy this aint bussiness man wants a quick lunch job

then a packet of crisps hula hoops are a good choice imo

then a chocolate bar maybe some juice up to you like

you wanna get back to the house sit down in your chair watch some good honest mid afternoon stude tv about antiques or some shit and talk about doing summit that day but obviously not actually doing it


sea of hand gestures

see how many of the lads you can spot it the sea of hand gestures and skrew faces and win joe cox's bike

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

nightmare crew

went to feed the ducks in endcliffe park early this morning and guess who i spotted. thats right!, nightmare crew in full spacemarine armour practicing there battle strategies. left to right (backrow) dave, daz, and gordo with henners crouching at the front with a look on his face that seems to say 'your down to your last orc mate and its my throw of the dice'.

Monday, 26 January 2009

Saturday, 24 January 2009


big standard signiture swozz sprocket. step too far? probably.

Friday, 23 January 2009

ant and dec catch up

Riley has been busy with his new modeling contract with halfords own brand carrera bikes.
Bedford has been busy trying to regain the crown of chong master whilst testing his mutiny signature edwardian cape.

rolys dog bed check

the beds an rspca model so the money spent for it went to a good cause
ball on standby when a game of fetch is hot topic
radiator just next to the bed for extra warmth on those cold winter nights
in a dogs eyes its the same size as a humans double bed.
a high choice quality blankett is covering it for 100% pure dog slumber also.

new hamdog edit

big teesh chinos

Thursday, 22 January 2009

joe cox's top 5 programs to download

at 5 its roseanne,some of the episodes have been downloaded just to see what american junk food the family eat. a slowmo on rosanne and her hubby eating an american 4x4 burgar gets the stomach rumberling.

at 4 its trips down memory lane in the school canteen chips and beans please or chips and sausage please!
the third goes to hustle for the smooth editing and sleek camara angles that give the program a thumbs up for download time

2,dragons den no need for a reason joe adore's all 5 dragons and the succes episodes always give a happy ending.

1 bit of a wild card for top download time but meerkat manor got that many episodes down loaded it crashed mainys,dan's,tom roberts,mossy's and tommy c's computer systems


In direct and unashamed competition to that little ball sack orlando and his 'make' pipedream, melon has gone balls out and jumped on the bmx product design bandwagon. First up is this badboy type shit called the 'Vitruvian Man Sproket'. Designed by Tom Roberts using an early design first developed by Leonardo da Vinci and coming in 47 tooth only, this piece of engineering genius has a total of 24 moving parts and weighs about the same as 4 original animal pegs in a plastic bag. Order one now cos they take 6 months of solid pickaxe smashing to make.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

melon. CSS clan no more?

After much speculation the melon counterstrike source division (pic above) might be about to call it a day. Following a huge run of loses and a headshot ratio that barely competes with UKMD. Adding to that a recent clan meeting in Tesco down the cereal aisle didn’t go well when quincy (ukmd) was spotted behind a box of cookie crunch listening in on tactics which he may of passed to that hacking fat sister the melon clan played that evening.

Beats is rumoured to have walked out englishsniper style and has said he won’t return to the clan unless mainys sorts his ping out and mozza lays of the warhammer, mainy who’s currently making the most luda map in source history (glass swoz?) has filed an official complaint against joe cox in a hope to lower his ping joe cox has yet to respond and resumed downloading al murrays happy hour season 4 and the secret millionaire best bits. Mozza was last seen in talks with Steve from gamesworkshop about working the door on lock in night and general ork duties. VIA mix have also issued a statement that says “the melon clan were never welcome on our vent if I see them on there again I’m kicking them and if they rejoin ill ban them”.

Melon clan record 2-17

Banned from german servers 6

Loses to fat hacking sisters 1
Default wins over noobs on dust2 1

Monday, 19 January 2009

competition time

what is t robs laughing at?

Sunday, 18 January 2009

This will never happen

pretty sure you're not a meathead

Saturday, 17 January 2009

hamilton mug shot of the week

big h dog getting his bollywood on with this sassy pink turban number

chiseled by god

Q. has anyone been in my room? my stuff is all over!
A. na blyth aint touched out.

far too street


Friday, 16 January 2009

stylish babe

melon 3 just signed a deal with sketchers for the U.S release rights. this means that every section is gonna have a little intro done by christina aguilera like jonny rotten did for sorry. totally stylish vibes man!!!!!

Thursday, 15 January 2009

barracks new house mate packs his bags ready to move

' flex' magazine subscription will be re-directed to be posted to the new address
his nike split toe casual trainers will be getting some milage back and forth to the bathroom
his newquay life guard hoody will be resting on the stair case banister ready for the jog to tesco's before the early sunday closing

safety inspector calls

mainy had a unexpected visit from the works health and saftey officer the other day for a quick office work area check.
all seemed well the kettle and desk chair got signed off ok,but when she noticed his bike, she said it wasnt road worthy until another peg was put on the front wheel.
this would save him when he accedently hops the front wheel over the rail on a two peg grind,the extra peg would put the bike in crooked grind rather than no peg and a mess on the floor.
he was quick to act with the socket.

random party dude award

this guy gets the overall award for being the most random 'sound' dude at last fridays party,think he hung around the landing corridor he seemed to be enjoying himself..
nice one youth it was very random!


hamilton's blog has been found and linked. if you dont like 25 mug shots in a row then you aint done pondsey topless