Thursday, 26 February 2009

10,000 roids

not even bbc bully crew can handle 10,000 roids

danny asda's room after hours.

some footage from mozza of what goes on down barracks when he's home alone.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Blyth star search

blyth-o tries to make it big by going on the norweigan version of x factor but a clogged larynx ruins his chances...oh well that judge lady seemed pretty nice

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

to mozza love roberts

if the top comment on youtube for this vid is 'wops cant direct' then you know everything is ok with the world.

get down dev you prick

skinz(not e4).
badman dem rude boy wagwan, FLATTY

pedal grind to 2 steps (not bhangra niche)

180 frontflip murda sound park exit CHONG

ross gellar

whop to the peds first time(monica gellar)

shaun paul

stiff as you like(not hamilton)

total 100% meat head

fancy an alternative to pancake day?

how about a scone, the Sun newspaper, and a cup of tea for something diffrent on pancake day?

mmmmmmm lush

you've had a year to practice, nothing short of triumphant will do

Monday, 23 February 2009

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Just keep your bottle and use your heads

Schmeichel, Parker, Pallister
Irwin, Bruce, Sharpe and Ince
Hughes, McClair, Keane and Cantona
Robson, Kanchelskis and Giggs

rise and fall of john

1:58 - johns greatest moment

Monday, 16 February 2009

Sunday, 15 February 2009


Le God

john motson - "hes the heart of the premiership"
jaap stam - "amazing"
ian wright - "truely a fantastic player"
alan shearer - "fuck off ian, you dont know shit"

Friday, 13 February 2009

stfu prick

f off rofl noob
get carried on be mixes doyle

sweet bargin

tommy c can now deal m&ms to kids inside this nice snug wendy house hes bought.
it'll be loads warmer setting up shop compared to down millhouses

who's aftershave is it?

on the same subject of the unsolved crimes of sheffield,two hhh tenents shared/hid a bottle of davidoff cool water aftershave from each other,but out the two, who was the rightfal owner or was it stolen to start with??

Tuesday, 10 February 2009


bruce dickenson of iron maiden Eric Cantona

mozzaRuben Alcantara

Unsolved Crimes of Sheffield

Mossy’s Chocolate Éclair:
Ant Moss's Tesco branded chocolate éclair bought for £1, was declared missing on the eve of 15th January 2009, it is believed that the theft took place between the hours of 7:00am and 4:00pm. No one has come forward with any information about the disappearance of this delicious treat, but speculation has narrowed down thief to be one of the jobless of 44 guest road, all of which coincidentally have pleaded "not guilty". Ant Moss, the owner of the éclair expressed his feelings as "for fucks sake, who the fuck has nicked my fucking éclair, you fuckers!”Some say Moss ate the éclair in the first place, others say nothing.

Tommy C’s Chain Tool:
Described as one of the most political and misunderstood crimes of our times, back around May 2008 at 27 Westbrook bank on a rare sunny day, a chain tool was lost. Tommy C (the owner of the chain tool) took the case into his own hands and has never reached conclusion as no one has admitted responsibility. The chain of events unfolds as follows:
- there were rumors that Tommy C had a chain tool in his room
- Mainy investigated, found the chain tool on his desk and proceeded to fix his bike
- after fixing his bike he handed the chain tool to Tom Roberts who also fixed his bike

Sadly afterwards the tool was never seen again, face to face speculation and finger pointing has been the fuel driving unfortunate mishap. This has brought torment and tears to the victim. Mainy claims that Tom Roberts was the last one with it in his hand, but Tom is adamant “Mainy took it and used it to clean out his rats, so he is to blame for this!”, both parties to this day still plead their innocence.
There is however a somewhat happy ending in this story whereby Tommy C bought a new tool for £35 reduced from £70.

Bens Schweppes:
The infamous Schweppes Lemonade case has never made public eye. A tragic story full of lies and deceit within the depths of the social community that claimed residence at 27 Westbrook Bank, this sparked outrage and left ties with allies severed. It happened around Christmas 2008, where a few days before the event Ben had seen a very appetizing 2 for 1 deal at Tesco’s for litre bottles of Schweppes Lemonade. Tempted by the offer he drank one of them and saved the other for a later date. Unfortunately for Ben when he returned to the fridge for his refreshing drink it was not there. After hours of searching and speculation the empty bottle was found under Beaters bed.
Beats was interrogated about the bottle under his bed, but denied having drunk any of the lemonade. Shorty afterwards an eyewitness came forward (who for identity reasons would like to be known as DBOL) and testified that he saw Peanut Willy drink the lemonade while watching UFC in Beaters room and then stashed the empty bottle under the bed.
Peanut Willy was never been questioned about the event as Ben decided not to carry on with the investigation, as he would take revenge into his own hands. Some say Peanut was unjustly victimised without fair trial as fierce retaliations resulting to sausages glued to his seat and grips compensated for the lost lemonade, thus sparking a territorial war.

Millsy’s Butter:
The most re-visited case of the last century, happened sometime in March 2007 which dented the trust in 1 Jarrow Road. Known as the famous “S11 Butter Scandal”, many books and films have been made to portray the suffering and inhumanity of this crime.Back when times were hard and butter was regarded as the treat of treats there was a daily theft occurring which was costing residents of Jarrow Road dearly. The notorious butter thief hit the house hard, one of these victims was Mike Mills. Millsy tried to fight the crime by heavily guarding the fridge and even wrote a sign on the butter that read “Non Communal”. However the thief was a professional and is said to have been trained by stealing tins of mackerel from Tesco’s, so Millsy’s deterrents did not stop the ongoing slaughter. There is believed to be many eyewitnesses to the theft, but all have kept their silence as food supplies were low at the time and starvation was a major threat from day to day living, which leads us to think that there was more than one thief operating in the area.

Dan Cox’s San Miguel:
The victim of this crime is Dan Cox, an ex dishwasher from Durham who has taste for a nice beer. It all happened on the Friday a few weeks ago when Dan treated himself to 4 bottles of San Miguel. That night he only managed to drink 2 of them, saving the other 2 for a later date. Knowing the amount petty theft that goes on in the area he decided to keep his remaining beers in his room for safe keeping. On the Saturday Dan was called back to Durham to do an overnight job, which left his room unattended, the perfect situation for any opportunist.During the night of Saturday the thief had unscrewed Dan’s door handle and forced entry into the ground room, tests back from the forensics say that the thief may be in search of bandwidth or card board inlets from toilet paper to wipe his arse on, however none of either was found in the abandoned room. This is the classic "I see, I want" style theft, whereby the thief settled for a private drink in his room while Dan returns on Sunday to find himself 1 beverage down.Dan’s prime suspect was none other than Joe Cox but since there was no evidence he could not be convicted. In an interview with Joe he said "why would I take that"….. Case closed.

There are many more crimes buried by the daily politics that fuse the survival of these people. I hope some of those forgotten crimes surface and justice is served to the monsters that roam our corridors.

chiliad 05

watch these 2 simultaneously for some chiliad nostalgia

no goldwing though what a chump

Sunday, 8 February 2009

nogging of christmas pud found

while i was looking for my star trek DS9 series 6 dvd box set i came across this find down the side of somebodys bed.
who's bedroom was it?

Saturday, 7 February 2009


yeagle you fucknut
tommy c filming for gaffle

bedford doing some shit or another

yeagle carving over dan and joe cox

mainy jamming the radar of some sketchy mig at a ukrainan airshow

burn out 3

mainys top 5 pings of 08

pr0 melon clan member and former ukmd gay hour regular mainy presents his top 5 pings of 08

1- 80 (get us an easy one then my pings mint)

2- 160 (stock votekick from most german servers)

3- 249 (oh aye coxys on download light session though stock ramsey ftw)

4- 562 (shit man someone is on porn stream combined with some rapidshare downloadage)

5- 834 (here lads i cant move, home hub is kicking off someones uploading torrents sending a movie over msn and downloading the metalica discography plus roberts is on youtube plane crash session)

09 will be interesting mainy is rumoured to be getting a secret internet line direct to Netbot the best isp money can buy..............

2 steps new special

pie in a cob please
and a spring roll for the road

Thursday, 5 February 2009

random dude of january

its febuary now, but this guy hung out with us for a while one night in late january,he was on crutches,but that didnt stop him using them to lift girls skirts on the DQ dance floor.
who could be melon blogs feb random?

Monday, 2 February 2009

no jeans, trainers or caps please lads

mainy and trobs got there photo taken with the new house bouncer.