Friday, 24 July 2009

melon hq energy sugar fridge check

1 can of redbull (for the ride home)
1 can of relentless (meatball special)
1 can of strongbow (crusty choice)
2 bottles of stella (no regrets)
1 litre of dandelion an burdock (fizzy soy sauce)
2 bottles of ketchup (tommy c been round)
1 bottle of salad cream (shit ketchup)
"i once drank so many cans of relentless my body started shaking, so i had a spliff and it sorted me right out"


himmler said...

i saw mozza walking down eccy road with a 4 pack of relentless

the carling army... said...

thats 2 litres of dandilion and burdock actually mate

the carling army... said...

what are the correct measures of spliff to relentless to get that neutral mountain air feeling?

the carling army... said...

how about you bring a 4 pack of hineys round to this birds house your seeing and you open the fridge to find theres no room for your beers cos the fridge is stocked with relentless