Thursday, 23 July 2009

New profile crankarm

The perfect paper weight for a two steps special.

"can you wrap that fish seperatly please, I don't want me mushy peas getting the batter soggy before i get home"


Mick the Chip said...

Adam how could you!

the carling army... said...

let me put you in the picture,i like eating alone outside (table for one)
it was a little windy so i grabbed the nearist weight,left handside profile crnk arm did just the trick, stopping grease proof paper blowing over my hands and food.
im going to do my top 5 food establishments of the uk soon you lot can learn from the pure choice places i dine at..

the carling army... said...

micks for quality chipshop gear,two steps for that babe.
i hear they do a good pukka pie on a cob at 2steps,just ask for a tommy c speacial,ketchup optional..

the carling army... said...

ketchup mandatory more like