Thursday, 29 April 2010

ich gehe in de stadt

to the frameeee.
chill out ludacris
straight up. peacock pendulum coming up?

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

hold me peter

peter adam and tom blyth embrace after a triumphant pegs to tooth

Monday, 26 April 2010

tom blyth's pop knowledge

lauren-hill singer in the hip hop group the ("Fugees") is the mother of five children with Rohan Marley, the fourth son of reggae musician Bob Marley.[4]

toke it up bitch stop vaxing in kitchen doing me head in

"his bike is green your bike is brown, i am the one wearing the Ndubz crown"
me sat chillin inn sun gettin a tan

lay down next to me and rock me boat baby?

elastic gone in them P.E shorts mAte?

t.robs gives that bike some man chill..
beans on ghost- blyths 2nd album name?

wicked sesh

extacy and back

Sunday, 25 April 2010


here neanderthal get your head out the washing machine i've got to wash me death t shirt

c bots birthday

cocktail crew aka m4a1
couldnt find a birthday cake for c in the forum, so they put a candle in a box of chips.
dq new stamp = swazzy on hand?
gustav you prick (extra splash damage)



Friday, 23 April 2010

Monday, 19 April 2010

who teared the place a new arse hole?

shitneck of course.

mr dapper himself

talk about man about town..tommy c's the man about town for a full weekend,not seeing that splendid silk night gown or warm glass of milk before bed he makes the most of it from mid day friday to tuesday 06.40am
sheffs cream of the social night life crop
with the choice boot cut denim, casual black chimney sweep pumps and
carl king emmerdale coat you know hes out on the lash
"i was super amped on this sesh i was so pumped on them airs"
tom blyth-nose wheelie king for half hour
oi give david dickinson his chino's back he carnt start bargin hunt with out them

if she looks good in her work wear she will defo look even better out them

dan gives dev some classic hawker hurricane world war II battle of britain dive
ernie showing some classic south yorkshire style minus the BBS alloy rims

"goo on babby"

you running screaming twin webber carbs on a 2ltr zetec up front in your fezza ernie?
you know it make sense

win a black bars season ticket

the day tom blyth admitted his fav female pop artist was florance and the machine, and that he has quite a lot of pop knowledge to share with anyone.
if you want to know dappy out of NDUBZ date of birth or mel B's fav food ask tom
joe carnt wait to test that spider bikes frame out but for now he makes do with the copper t-nez switch foot manny up curb to half E.T toothy hanger

" goo on babby"

tres bien smoke de crep monsier,major three man blippage on that ice pick train

these two 250cc crosser's were filming some mad Xtreme open throttle shit for tom blyth's bands new music video for the single.. 'untouchable two stroke love'
carnt wait to see it,heard the songs got more a mellow side to it than the over tracks with tom singing about heartache and fragile realationships,but with top notch riffts and hard hitting emotion.

tom blyth's pop knowledge

" did you know that cheryl cole is not only a solo pop artist but also 1 of the 5members of Girls aloud"..

cool down shesh at cannon d's park

bedford getting backside bone-a-fide OSG style trobs hitting up an evening toad jam

dunlop golfing slacks are a defo no go on the pre hop over the pipe
roberts has no probs getting over cos his jeans didnt get caught between the frame and tire

danny C doing it for eddie C san fran style

yo josh you bringing out your essential halfords tool kit?
i need a spanner for my cowboy spur chain tensioners

Saturday, 17 April 2010

App of the month

Bmx dictionary, tommy c will never forget that grind again.

"I totally biffed that gap", "my bars are too wide" and "who taped sausages to my grips?"

Friday, 16 April 2010

big blytho's big interview

MELON.ok boring stuff first. name, age, and sponsors?

TB. tom blyth, 26, fbm, lord, cottingham cycles, j e james, halfords bike hut, duffs, hell for leather jackets.

MELON. cool man. tell us about your new frame that's coming out.

TB. basically, its called the Satan's serpent and is totally doomcore. each gusset is an upside down crucifix and was forged from the pit of eternal fire and damnation. its got a higher bb for the goofy rider and an integrated joystick for ultimate performance. it also kinda smells like lucifers piss.

MELON. sounds dope man. what tricks have you been working on lately?

TB. pretty much anything that you wouldn't dare try. lately I've been mastering the ron kimler anthrax/public enemy one footed flatty because my women makes the men all pause and if you've got a woman she might make you forget yours.

MELON. alright chill out m8. tell us about your new band

TB. basically a forgotten grace just wasn't sludgy enough. Id leave the recording studio and my skin wouldn't be covered in a thick mucus. so i started a new band called 'parasitized'. basically i thought of the most droney organism i could think of and then put 'ized' after it. it was a close call between 'parasitized' and ' wake up to the nightmare' but the later had already been taken

MELON. sweet dude. any thanks?

TB. yeah I've a few. first and foremost I'd like to thank the dark lord, without your teachings I'd still be walking past churches and not burning them down. I'd like to thank josh for teaching me the art of hoovering stairs and the trick of placing a halved lemon in your fridge door to keep your fridge smelling fresh. safe nath, friend, brother, secret lover. I'll never forget your kind words that barmy summers eve. finally I'd like to thank joe cox, for if it wasn't for him you'd probably never of heard of me. 666.

half track friday

pleasure up front, business at rear

Thursday, 15 April 2010

maybe you all are homosexuals

best trick ever done?

complete meathead.
sat down fakie = no problem m8

kfc bucket

can i have a zinger and 2 bucket meals please?
is that all sir?...
erm, gis a corn on the cob then.
and some baked beans.

big bens big vid

for the devvy g lovers

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

bash your arse

criticise this you prick
official street
jonny unwin 2010 comeback?
nah m8, just been to get my hair cut at toni and guy
little lime top