Monday, 3 May 2010

melon 3: ride to glory - update

day 1 has gone down a storm, completed all the challenges in one day so the digital leader sent us home early. probably meet up again at the end of the trip at the works for the final shred off (guetler style). it will be £20 to get in but i think bedford is doing a prize drop, so should be sweet.
challenges we done so far are tommy c went dq and won a glory job, dc drank 2.5 poppers, ben mc got a yellow (could have got a red but wasnt really arsed), bedfromage had a shower behind the big sub and wozzy got the "ride to glory" tattoo, but the tattoo man fucked up and gave him "daddys little psycho bitch" instead. ul m8

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bmxnewbie88 said...

how come at a bedford prize drop i ended up paying him for products i won?