Monday, 3 May 2010

melon3 team ride to glory day 1 pt 2

marrrster and commanda gives this philly back street set up a bit of oppo wallride daddy pop
trobs 18o backwards rail getting shit done lets just say were infront of bsd

the sun was out at this spot tick that bin to sprocket stall off the list

1st day and newrick wouldnt shut up about looking forward to sum delectable toffie palova

"your suppose to sip belgium beers not gulp them"

beatz just ticking off the foam pipe beer bong job at the day 1 after party

mainy had to larf when he relised the foam had soaked up the beer

speacial guest in the melon3 van-campo straight up class A bound

"can you MC?"
of course

when bully becomes bullyed
melon3 filmer joe cox locked newrick in the naughty boy cuboard only for jim to squeeze his beer through for pay back

little ben sorting out sum knives and forks for a toaster bomb
blow that relentlass energy drink team up

ticking off the 1 pack of revels a week buy on the melon3 company credit card

mainy shredding that deep end bars tap

it was good c ticked of the eat 15 trays of donner meat in 3hour
good thinking you washed it all down with a few cans of ribicon and a bottle of vodka

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Ian Morris said...

think you guys are gonna win tbfh