Sunday, 30 May 2010

when good piggy poos go bad

cute meal 1 crew

bit tight on the pink shit (donner meat to pink shit ratio 3:1)
fancy the leftovers of 3 meal 1's?
yeah sound mate

melon 3

just like being in ibiza

tops off pit?
you first
satans spawn
double arm bar
serpents tongue

who shot a flash

whopped it snapped it fucked off
dripping man points
skirt ratio 2:1
dropped me fucking donner
tom sanders interview coming soon
not sure which flavour i like best water melon or bluevan wilder party liaison
1st stop harlequins
donner meat curry? staff only spesh
the manpoint has landed
tommy c's smoking nourishment
total ecstasy

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the manpoint has landed