Monday, 12 July 2010

5 top footjam shoes (re-visit)

2009 was a good year for the footjam. These are the top 5 footjam shoes for 2010.

5 - new in this year the crowd dodging, sale scoping meadowhall juggernaught is the freshest thing to hit S9. Whether your scouting the lanes to find the latest Ferrari wind breaker or queuing up for mr potato in the oasis your alway gonna look the top pukka kid. These shoes also come with a topman gps range finder and will tell you "in feet" where the nearest v-neck is.... Amazing

4 - putting your foot into this delicious Christmas nut roast is very much like wearing a warm odessa. In the top 5 merely for style and comfort however has limited life and may only last one footjam.

3 - down from first place in 2009 the original footjam master shoe. This long toe rapscallion stepped down from the top spot last year and can be now seen fulfilling retirement in the old blue hugging a crate a night.

2 - tommy c's riverside cottage summer gardening comfort crocs. Perfect for those morning drives and long walks along the beech. This shoe will give toe extacy if involved in any footjam execution.

1 - first place this year goes to the CAT boot. Perfect for dismantling pink's stage at Sheffield arena at 3am and perfect for taking gold in the longest footjam comp at dev games.


millsy said...

so good for graffting. no good for mopping up cuppa soup

The changing man said...

Can we have a top five lawnmower shoes, been perfecting em I'm my vans for years but all this jip about being "old school guy" is gettin me down, I need help gettin hip n upto date, I've already slammed my seat, my chest hair makes me look like a grandad in v-neck t-shirts though.

Standard mat said...

I approve of this list.