Friday, 9 July 2010

House to let

Modern - maybe in the 50's
Fully furnished - you get a bed (just a mattress if you get attic room)
Garden - there is absolutely no garden in sight.
Etc - must mean oven with no door, a temperamental washer (harder you kick it the better it works), cannon dans tv, pick axe (rip), a leaking shower (with sealed in mould), a twice kicked in bedroom door and a rotten boat in the back yard.

P.s rent must be cash only collected randomly once a month, if the X5 cannot be parked on the street you will be charged £5 per person for petrol.

1 comment:

Collins said...

No one interested then?

P.s I left my fmb's in the cellar, can you leave them in the front room with some rent (cash only)