Thursday, 29 July 2010

stack dat shit up

get the london look-rimmel london
easy pal you got any pink champaign or a bit of whizz?
tyrone williams fully solo cruzin

that mix grills lay proper heavey

should of had scampi and chips

pre pub bud tuck

festaval state of mind

san migwell warm up before a cheap peena calarda

thought only skint bastards printed and faked rist bands

wake up new order are on stage quick get to front row bitch ass

meadow fresh mosh pit?

alex rileys air max

kickers or pods mAte? club tropicarna

someone should of got next bus
a-way man im on holiday man give me a break

ill ride when i get home

this is pure Chill
brudda's with diffrent coloured mudda's

manc stance wheres johnny G+liam and noel?

wet cow tounge sandwich

newrick was well impressed with Gordon ramsey's spread put on for the United dvd
"getting to meet the star celeb chef out the kitchen was the iceing on the cake for me"
-james newrick

ian: book us one more flight i fancy ibiza want to visit
Cafe del Mar - Portada

while ian morris has gone to the other bar
dean hearne of UTD treats him sen to a bit of a dance,but undercover not wanting another verbal warning for enjoying himself too much like on the begning of his less is more section

gordan ramsey getting out the cooks clothes to relax via the dance floor

on first encounters i thought it was kate bush with all the wild 'organic' moves
but then realised it was T1's Cleggy's the free spirit jos stick burning friend of the fairy folk
shame dance floor emptyed when the wkend love rats turned up

get a grip your a teacher not part of Nsync

ian morris decided he didnt want to pick a rotton apple from the bottom of the pile he picked from the tree...tommy C's on skavenger

socialite G-balls,alex leech,john dye and newrick
a proper pub ammo loaded crew ever wanted to know who Ted DiBiase is just ask this lot next time your in the boozer

sassy bit in a tray?

sandy on the look out for the girl with the 60's glass

"yo say what my nigga wozz you gonna distribute a rasberry on my belly"?
"for you teddy why not dude"
when whispers become wet dreams
giz a whop C NYC style
a bloke, nezza bod and a rare sighting of george d with short hair

nezza knocking off with sergio layos's big sis

jeans will take ages to dry round the crotch, be a damp ride home rhyme mcfleece

stick to answering letters to 12 year old bmx kids in ride dude, leave the barspins to the top dogs

want a drink its on me coke a cola JD

the ghosts of new york are on your back watching you c,
best start dropping dat shit for edders and vinnie


Morris and c bot said...

Like father and son

mat said...

nice waxwork on the right when dean hearne has his shirt over his head.