Tuesday, 24 August 2010

next melon vid?

newricks already out getting some clips in the downtown philly area of newcastle
t-robs stepping up his game old line re-run: big early rotated oppo 3

beats showing tommy c that old scaffolding pipe with washers welded on end pegs grind just as well as animal bank account breaker pegs
bit too well..
speaking of tommy c,hes got his interview this weekend with ian morris on the sponser deal with skavenger,dug the Kickers out for the smart appearance down the 4down HQ
new melon vid- fantasy or reality?
wozz bit behind with the clips,busy watching corro stuck in a sling
the joys of google image's
that scaffa was rolled just right,smoooth as fuck. dont sit on da grass smoke it
hey dan is owen clegg married?
chaos 2 re-booted for joint last section with..
george francess of robot wars-last section
2 stroke blippage
new vid+ new business for mainy cloud9 after effects ltd gonna be luda


2steps-spesh-please said...

heard jonny unwins got a full section this year.

Anonymous said...

george francess total meathead