Monday, 30 May 2011

jog on barca 2011

"its alright roley i will be back in a week"
old man airport porn sesh, burning angels m8?
2.5? nah m8, 5 halves
joining the mile high club with that hair line?
good honest peak out
first day school boy
thar ont book tomme
ibiza uncovered
why have they given me a massive bag?
i only got 3 big mac's, 2 double cheese and 35 chicken nuggets!
midnight bastoff, channel 666
bringing sexy back!
despite all my rage i'm still just a rat in a cage
quad vod pre peak
get me your manager, do you even know who i am? ive taught tony blairs son.
quad vod post peak
ben mc's mentor... the hate mothership
mmm hen do skirt
ol boy still swaggin
poontang crew, sniffing pune since 2001
gg : -S
lieutenant damm
the godfather of bullys
carles puyol
weakest bladder since peanuts willy.
dont show me that picture, im gonna piss me sen
blytho dont have the minerals for this combo, leather j, kilt and cartoon boxers please
dreaming of a proper "pampering" in sexy land

Monday, 23 May 2011

The Champions

Ranking stayed the same1FanboisTom Bright412080
Ranking stayed the same2squirtle squadmiss melon511927
Ranking increased3emerson's passporttom roberts391894
Ranking fell4Vincent Black ShadowD C H U M421894
Ranking stayed the same5Vibrissa Realmathew evans201848
Ranking stayed the same6Shatners BassoonChris Mainprize401834
Ranking stayed the same7winnitsMark Tillett251778
Ranking stayed the same8Team 2 Streetmartin cook421749
Ranking stayed the same9Real BeestonRichard Rowlands281630
Ranking stayed the same10Shadwell Town FCmike unwin481623
Ranking increased11The Marvatronsnick martin321575
Ranking fell12The FCMatt Adams131569
Ranking stayed the same13Cisses Offside FCMarc Layfield491545
Ranking stayed the same14Benson Unitedlucy benson421478
Ranking stayed the same15Stoop FCRob Price241444
Ranking stayed the same16Parmesan Cheeseantony moss501246
Top boy text your deets to

Friday, 20 May 2011

Photo of the Week

Who else goes to work in a baggy shirt and green swimming shorts?

meathead on campus

Now that Di Canio is back you won't need to worry about mountain bike posts anymore. The running theme has returned.

Monday, 16 May 2011


blyth with the denim J

not the leather J ??
hamdog on a mish without permish?

had to get this on,marv Kevin & Perry Go Large style luda barspin

hooch sighting?

got ya tickets? dan joe and trobz?

castillo ice

after the nagging off bedford the pic that didnt make the mutiny ad is back up

get back to the land of the living pal, lucky/lucy grinds arnt for you

count crook to 270

inspector greevs/uks jim c gap to wall

teak james living in a french polish dream

dawson on a mission with permission all clear off the wife

tommy c's top 5 grub: no order

sunday dinner with ketchup to go with the gravey

puka pie in a cob

health master lunch at work-tin of tuna in brine and a green apple

v.i.p back room tour and dish at yummy hut

meal2 at kababish

this Dude is A Bonafide “G”

erny s.y.t

no this isnt ruban on etnies forward its daddy J.C


c with a doctor bast off mike tag pegger