Wednesday, 1 June 2011

jog on fuck off ya bast off

marv dog honey glazed doobee ice

top shop mirror image man shanky "lets put this empty bottle of water in your bag"

shanky "can you just carry this full glass bottle of beer in your bag,dont smash it leaning against a wall tho"
marv can rat monkey stop at your gaff with you and that ginge socilite rimmel london wannabe?

jungle bashing

time for a damm lemon 6 parts caveza-bast off,4 parts lemon

what you having with that gammon,egg or pineapple pal?

shanky 'top shop male mannequin' turndown

"a good job to pull birds is a photocopy machine technician/repair man,loads of office nunk gagging for some bloke come friday afternoon"

crocodile rock back wheel hop

tommy c sly truck

"im having the time of my life right now,going out drinking,got a good job,im the main lad pulling the hammers in sheff and im having an orgasam every night-lifes great"

dan plant,that gin went down quick take it you wearnt sharing much


dictionary said...

orgasm mate

(optional) said...

best post OAT IMHO