Friday, 26 August 2011

only blog that's millenium bug proof

as dj Dave Pearce's says "welcome to the weekend" it starts 5days early for C

count flatty to crook

chaffy Swedish haired bench mafia

have that C

av that bastard x5 in a row- C

didn't think of this move did you jim C you bean headed plank off

nezz air to pegs mAte

mainy on the poly J sunny D style

tuck shop tuckage on't school playground after a number two on the earth quake rictor scale bitch

"aahway man fucking nac's"

tom aitkin-still got it

shanky long lost son of simon cowell bully of barca


final thought said...

it was professionals that built the Titanic but an amateur that built the Arc

paki on a jet ski said...

allah ackbar

handsforth said...

want me to bash him?