Wednesday, 10 August 2011

this is RAY's muddafucka 2650300

count-boost to crook

ryan giggs wag smash in hide away

mainy- chill blip to damm lemon

chaffy-peter greeeeves cool beer drinking alter ego

its been said, carl wood was quite upset no one was about for a few weeks being away on trips.

so he took a hull scene report ride mag and went and sat on a golf course and drank beer on his own, shedding tears into the ink of the don ?

not seen him for years,local hull rider tom aitken

pukka pie in a cob,battred cream egg,meal2,green apple,19 cans of john smiths
and a (brakeless crooked grind) in one day?
no probs for T.C

backflip on ya 30th mAte?

newrick 2peg bastoff exit

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