Sunday, 16 October 2011

the bean

jim c...2011's party man of the year, was ace to see you at fabric night club man
nats arse clearance mate
shanky smash n grab boost

G burns?
holla at that booty
no stock 2pegger to dev this time
in house shop fitter vs on sight shop fitter

cannon on a mish without perish


arthur tubb said...

cannon you bastard!!! took me 6 hours to wax up that ledge

Anonymous said...

arthur tubb keeps a copy of sidewalk skate mag with his interview from 1994 behind the bar at porter cottage,handy for when he wants to impress girls when he's on dates...FACT

readers wife said...

above comment is correct

jambo said...

there was three in the bed and the little C said "get another one in"

mmmmmmmm said...

3 little treats

arthur tubb said...

any one seen my purple jeans?

arthur tubb said...

you guys don't tell anyone about my little fall down dev when i slipped a foot walking around the quarter and dropped down,having to hold on the coping for dear life

Barry said...

Found this blog, good read! some funny stuff.