Monday, 28 November 2011

check it before you wreck it part uno

baby zangief on his bottom bunk stewing a mini meltdown

another level chill
that a specialised rockhopper mate?
come to caesars palace
that reminds me a must buy dads ultimate air guitar classics on cd for fathers day
its been said coxie cashed in a couple his S&M bike co shares for this trip and racking them shots
shot crew on cloud 9?
aged a bit mate?
donnington monsters of rock,download fest,wembly here i come
danny d out with the lads,was good times pal
shanky t-bog,james rock launch
martin cook with a sunderland drive by
the face that shows a thousand weekends

sly over pegs off are boy C
shanky top shop roll up denim feeble
pineapple chillz
had to larf when C gipped from sniffing a shot
in his element [bar territory]
smith my bitch up

the life and soul of a spanish party
this bike runs on premium fuel only

chico time
ice n a slice
marv newbury bypass 2peg
shish zone hubble bubble trouble
nezza top
would dan like a can of bitter kas

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