Saturday, 12 November 2011

double penno in paris

DC Paris 2011 from Adam Blyth on Vimeo.

tommy c's luda shark fin gap not make the cut?


Jamie Duncan said...

Lad's come down Saint Paul's Cathedral and show your support. It's a real pseudo intellectual blast down here. Make poverty history.

Anonymous said...

hahahahahaha-word are you in your tent at night to or do you go home when it gets dark

Jamie Duncan said...

Nah mate I stay in the tent. There's a pic of me in the Express. You can tell its me cos of my white hot glowing Dig tattoo

Anonymous said...

is cleggy down there with his dreadlocks in a shoebox?

newbury earthqueer said...

are you one of the fairy folk?
do you like this planet
do you want to see it go up in smoke?