Sunday, 27 November 2011

more things to come upgrade your flash player and modem now

number one NASA G-force shot crew member
Lord leather J with some dak attack
C-diddy, bitches better watch out this pimp ass dogs bringing 'baggy' back

professor greeves with sum GANGSTA 'lean'
PIZZA chill


joe said...

ah man! a ledge with a burger king next to it and I missed it. Fuck who pulled what on the ledge. I wanna know what went down in BK. Tommy C drop the triple whopper?

sports direct gear joel said...

what a set up a grind ledge instead of a car drive through, missed out on the whopper meal there.

greavesy said...

the fish slice is not for the faint harted and should be attacked with some precise G lean i should have a how to video on the come up by next week so you can all learn it lads

keep sheeshin'
Dr g