Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Thursday, 22 December 2011

la gente esta muy loca

Nackersack on nackersack
Boyz 2 Men
Make love in this club
what is greavesy doing here? answers on a postcard to
Quick visit to sleepy hollow

Leather J kicking off

Will grind on any surface including donner meat coming out spring 2012 on skav
OSG on some David copperfield shit Wozz full magic section on melon3.3333

OSG Finally accepted into shot crew with this monster rack

Mega chill shot of pure ecstacy

Spanish dude samples Sheffields finest meal 1 sculpted body

Can't hack the pink shit m8?

Delboy meltdown
Loco Blanco
Lil G chillin on the East coast
Shot fuelled ASBO TWOC

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Good Honest Lads

Me and you John, We'll get them out one day.

dreggs of the shot

joe fox and the thumb
"that dinner was a lap-dance on a plate"
mitch,don't touch tommy c's tommy k bottle he'll go nuts
mainy having a euphoric gatecrasher track moment on a bike

yes a vids getting made, beatz backwards roly poly

want us to carry that empty water bottle shanky?

Thursday, 15 December 2011

2012 edition

fingers crossed santa

Monday, 12 December 2011

Friday, 9 December 2011

Mystery graff sighting

Top suspects:
- The Unwin brothers
- Cannon dan (owns a sharpie)
- Rick James (previous convictions)

Ruled out:
- Bedford (correct spelling, holdfaf)
- Shot crew 09 (no swazzys present)
- Trobs (in hibernation)
- Wozz - (fixing his car)

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

check it before you wreck it part dos

"go on then you know me, won't refuse wkend liquid party fuel"
bog rat tag wart slide
going to wash them scabby dog legs mate?
conkers deep mAte
chicas guapas
wozz's dropping a benson spesh
yes he's back-return of the leather j,with a new addition of the richard hammond top gear bon jovi bootcut denims
hey marty get in the car we're going back to the boozer
didn't search in the right department at top shop did you with that coat,looking a bit female section
peter greeves made the effort on a night out with a salmon pink shirt
trendy as fuck,not sure about the hazel nut bast-off toffee clogs though
shank dogs grand entrance into the ghetto cube
"i am the weekend"
some proper david copperfield shit
checkerplate chill
dennis pennis

beatz pizza chill downtown costa del flatty
sad chimp
down whip dogs lipstick

"i really enjoyed that shot the after taste was next level"
child snatcher nose
you buy one more shot I'm getting the next flight home bastards
costa del mel
greeves 1handed xup
peter greeves and his salmon pink shirt
hollyoaks student drop crotch cream chino shorts mate?
I can feel them G's maaaan
ride for five min, throw rocks for hours

pockets deep
"you no mystic meg and jesse j have same hair cut"
chestnuts deep mate?
sly ally oop toothpick for the lads
battle royal málaga?
dan flatty to eastmids airport