Friday, 9 December 2011

Mystery graff sighting

Top suspects:
- The Unwin brothers
- Cannon dan (owns a sharpie)
- Rick James (previous convictions)

Ruled out:
- Bedford (correct spelling, holdfaf)
- Shot crew 09 (no swazzys present)
- Trobs (in hibernation)
- Wozz - (fixing his car)


rick james said...

"get ready for the celebration bitch"

Anonymous said...

Bedford mite of done it if it was color by numbers

little boots said...

understands decimal points. can't be bedford

Anonymous said...

He seemed to understand them when he charged me 15.5% interest on those cranks

Crusty king pancho said...

Bedford carn't weigh either I asked for an ounce of bud and got about 0.75g of dry dot leaf

Anonymous said...

Carn't weigh onions in tesco now

Bog fresh Bedford said...

I no a ton of bricks is heavier than ton of feathers

stinky dick said...

I dunno Ricky Feather is pretty fat now he is fixie based