Friday, 24 February 2012

top 4 winamp skins

the stockest skin of all, once used by turbo tash for those classic ape hits.
the cutters choice, ja bedford. usual spliffed out numbers can be seen in this playlist such as the sound of money depositing into bank accounts.
the tommy c special, comes with matching duvet and pillow set.
playlist translation:
Track No01 - The Knack, My Sharona
Track No02 - 50 Cent, If I Cant
Track No03 - Sir Mix-a-Lot, Baby got back
Track No04 - Ween, Let me lick your pussy
only 1 sound coming out of this bad boy, rapid gun fire of the sturmgewehr 44.


Bean pole said...

the blog is shit now

Steve DFTU said...


adam22 said...

just because it doesn't have any MMA on it, faggot

Anonymous said...

nice idea..thanks for sharing....