Wednesday, 23 May 2012

kool down sesh at kwik fit?

 "i tried to look after my original team but the ungrateful bastards threw it all back in my face and left
slur an adult soft drink? not for c its a glass of blossom hill
mainy uzi loaded front end meadow hall stall
 "that burger was fuckin lush"
 erm this wasn't on the trix list shanks
 heavy crew
next level heavy crew, save joe two's kid


John Major said...

Er Joe I think you forgot to leave me feedback on ebay

agoniser said...

Am I wearing the denim j over the leather j?

joe cox said...

erm jim c I'm still waiting for an email reply on confirmation you have accepted me quitting sunday bikes. i havnt heard from you in a while hope we are still close friends