Sunday, 27 May 2012

the labradors lipstick

" daddys got a saturday night dirty little secret"..always nice to leave sheff train station with a smile, after a wicked BJ maybe?.
 biffta prince bedford you no how he rides mack ten mutha fucka...
"tell them it was a slow controlled nozza"
after 8cans, a yank off style 40 oz bast off  and a blue wkd jog off -hes still got it

 tommy c: daddy cruising on just a bog wash b clip DAY ?
 wozz- total space jam

 osg to nsg
 po zone
 its all about poplin that cherry in all walks of life,6 cans and c's after any pole

 not the same case for theo
twisted logic-get the hammers out the way 1st then the section will b a breeze to film

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