Saturday, 7 July 2012

eat ya monkey snax muthafucka

 casper on ket 
marv keeping that shit pipe flowing
 rushmoor-"ill have a blip on ya bong pal thanks"

 "fuck sake a backy bong, dizzy as fuck on a backy rush"
 bit of sticky bat action pal?
 course old crazy bars as got it
 fancy a pint mate?
 blackpool pepsi max rolla coaster mudda sucka
 marmite doughnut arse
 street beers,nah jagar combo's and crisps
dak attack
newbury punjab? 
 plug me into your u.s.b bitch
 that bus shelter roof drop was proper
 paul b on a stag do ?

 work it honey 
J-lo diva tap
 inner city guy

sure you want to make it your night pal could get messy?
what has the night created?
the Chernobyl meltdown mind crisis Man

1 comment:

Steven Hawkins said...

Pass me me microscope to see these pics? What u gotta pay for pic size now u coal twat postage stamp digi tosser?